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Personalized Restaurant Liability Insurance

If you’re a restaurant owner, you understand that insurance is a necessity. You face unique challenges, and the proper coverage is important in keeping you covered. From fire risks to power outages, we know the risks you face daily, and Gehring is here to keep you protected. With over twenty-five years of combined knowledge, Gehring Insurance has developed a special recipe to protect your restaurant. Let us focus on your customized coverage so you can focus on your food and dining experience. Contact us today to find the coverage that works for you.

Keeping Your Team Protected

Your restaurant means the world to you and that’s why Gehring works personally with you to craft the perfect protection plan. When you call Gehring to discuss any claims or coverage options, you will speak directly to one of our team members.

Why Is Restaurant Liability Insurance So Important?

Gehring helps protect the restaurant business you’ve worked hard to build. Despite your hard work to keep everything perfect, problems happen. And we’re here to help if they do. With Gehring, you know you have an insurance company that always has your back. We know you have a lot to handle daily, but with the right coverage, we’re here to help take some of the stress away. Our restaurant insurance works as hard as you do to protect against the unexpected.

What level of insurance is the right fit?

When deciding how much coverage your restaurant might need, it’s important to ask these questions.
Is your restaurant:
    • 3+ years old?
    • Located in a building less than 25 years old?
    • Total sales less than 50% alcohol sales?
    • Financially stable?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to think about expanding your coverage. Contact us today to find out more.

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