Dump Truck insurance needs to be as unique as the materials you’re hauling. These heavy-duty commercial vehicles present a unique challenge when it comes to insuring them due to their massive size and unique design. Oftentimes, dump trucks are built to maneuver around construction sites and road work sites making them able to withstand impact, as well as, avoid collision and overturn. These unique features make it important to ensure your dump trucks are insured with both liability limits and physical damage coverage. Let Gehring Insurance help you get the right coverage to keep you on the road.


Since agricultural trucks come in many shapes and sizes, their coverage needs will vary. Whether you’re hauling large farming equipment or smaller loads, such as hay or grain, you will want to ensure you’re covered. Gehring Insurance has the expertise and experience you need to make sure you are properly insured.


Logging trucks can be one of the most high risk types of commercial trucks and it is crucial to have the right protection plan. At Gehring Insurance, we understand how challenging it can be to find the right coverage. Let us take out the guesswork and keep you covered on the road.


Refrigerated trucks face a different set of challenges than other types of commercial trucks due to the perishable nature of the goods they haul. Oftentimes refrigerated trucks are transporting food, medicine or other temperature-controlled cargo and it is vital they are covered under your policy. Contact Gehring Insurance to ensure your cargo stays cool.


Tow trucks provide a great service to the public by lending a helping hand when they’re down. Take some of the hassle out of your day by trusting Gehring insurance to help you get the coverage you need.


Since tanker trucks regularly haul hazardous or sensitive materials such as oil, chemicals, or other liquids or gasses, damage to a tanker truck can lead to costly repairs or equipment malfunction that may lead to an overturn and a spill. Let Gehring Insurance help you find the best coverage to keep you and those around your rig safe.


Steel Haulers, unlike other flatbed trucks, are at higher risk as their loads have the potential to cause irreparable damage. When improperly tied down, steel can split through cabs or other nearby vehicles. Contact Gehring Insurance to keep you and others safe while on the road.